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Ram’s Classical Horn Shofar Size 3 - MADE IN ISRAEL

Ram’s Classical Horn Shofar Size 3 - MADE IN ISRAEL

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This is a premium real shofar from Israel. High quality guaranteed. 

A ram’s shofar is made from the finest horn of an adult ram. Most congregations and synagogues nowadays use this type of Shofar. It has a high and sharp tone.

Embrace tradition and craftsmanship with our Ram's Classical Horn Shofar collection, proudly MADE IN ISRAEL. Each shofar is a testament to timeless beauty and spiritual significance, carefully selected and crafted to carry the rich heritage of Israel.

Perfect for ceremonial use or as a meaningful gift, our shofars resonate with deep, soul-stirring sounds that connect you to centuries-old traditions. 

Every shofar in our collection is a unique masterpiece crafted by nature, so please note that the product may slightly vary from the images showcased, celebrating the distinct beauty and individuality of each piece.

✅ Made from premium raw horn

Easy to Blow

✅ Odorless

Strict kosher

Size 3 is 30-34 CM.

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