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Biblical Beauty: The Holy Trio

Biblical Beauty: The Holy Trio

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Prepare for Greatness

Biblical Beauty is an exquisite line of world-class natural skincare, beauty and wellness products made with biblical botanicals found in God’s pharmacopeia. Dedicated to combining traditional extracts in new and innovative formulas, Biblical Beauty’s sacred scents and blends can soothe the soul, calm the mind and create space to commune with the divine.

By quieting the body and silencing the mind, we create the opportunity to be aware of God’s light and presence in our hearts. Biblical Beauty’s products set the tone for receiving God’s love, and provide a way to tap into our sacred stillness.

The Holy Trio is a beautiful set of 3 aromatic blends forming a light but impactful impression. Natural Facial Serum, Natural Anointing Oil and Natural Body Oil are formulated and created in Israel featuring extracts and blooms only attainable in the Holy Land. These beautiful elixirs include Jerusalem Olive, cedar, jasmine, sea buckthorn, Myrrh and Frankincense oils, and other hand-selected botanicals not found anywhere else in the world.

Created by one of Israel’s most prestigious formulators, The Holy Trio utilizes the power of divine love to allow for self-healing using our own healing energy to apply.

Beauty radiates from within. Reconnecting to God’s Holy Land through his botanical bounty is an incredibly powerful way to unite inner and outer beauty. Biblical Beauty does just that.

Biblical Beauty - The Holy Trio includes:

Natural Facial Serum: The gentle application to clean skin allows this incredible serum to deliver amazing ingredients into delicate areas around the face and neck. Jerusalem Olive Oil, combined with avocado, evening primrose, sea buckthorn blend with Myrrh, hyssop, jasmine and cypress oils to provides an exceptional ritual first thing in the morning or just before bed at night, for a calm, restful sleep.

Natural Anointing Oil: This beautiful blend of sweet almond, cedarwood, cypress, calamus and jasmine oils is a rare combination of gentle scents that help inspire a calm and centered nature. Aromatic blends create a heady but gentle scent, creating an outlet for the heart, mind and spirit to center. Visualizing an openness, receiving God’s love and a positive outcome for all, our Natural Anointing Oil will help set the intention to receive God’s love.

Natural Body Oil: Our botanical body blend is a perfect elixir for the body’s biggest system, the skin. It provides sacred scents for self application or therapeutic massage. Applying in a circular motion, always toward the heart, allowing for instant grounding, calming, and peace.

Our Biblical Beauty team has been called together to create this amazing brand through God’s favor. Our three founders have a wealth of experience and each offer a unique set of experience, education and network that combined together are a ‘stable table’ of leadership.

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