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Kudu Shofar - MADE IN ISRAEL

Kudu Shofar - MADE IN ISRAEL

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This is a premium real shofar from Israel. High quality guaranteed. 

A large mouthpiece made from a premium horn of an antelope called kudu. It is a large and impressive horn.

The size we sell is L - 80-89 CM.

This shofar is characterized as having a large air volume, and it can be played with two, three and even four tones. The larger the horn, the deeper and more impressive the sound will be.

Embrace tradition and craftsmanship with our Kudu Shofar collection, proudly MADE IN ISRAEL. Each shofar is a testament to timeless beauty and spiritual significance, carefully selected and crafted to carry the rich heritage of Israel.

Perfect for ceremonial use or as a meaningful gift, our shofars resonate with deep, soul-stirring sounds that connect you to centuries-old traditions. 

Every shofar in our collection is a unique masterpiece crafted by nature, so please note that the product may slightly vary from the images showcased, celebrating the distinct beauty and individuality of each piece.

✅ Made from premium raw horn

✅ Easy to Blow

✅ Odorless

✅ Strict kosher

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